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We offer specialist tax and accountancy services to a range of domestic and international clients. From our office located next to Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, we host Fife’s largest department of qualified tax professionals.  Our focus is on delivering high quality and bespoke advice to our extensive client base. 

Uniquely outwith the Big 4 international accountancy practices that operate in Scotland, we deliver integrated UK and US tax advice to our clients.  Having these specialist skills leads to many referrals from other accountancy firms and professional advisers throughout the UK who can access this expertise.

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  • Tax and Accountants – the Diary of a small businessman…

    Part 1, in which I learn about accountancy and tax

    OK, let’s start with a confession and a declaration of interest.  I’ve been using M&S for my accounts ever since I started out on path to the self-employment, well over five years ago.  Prior to that, a career climbing the corporate ladder meant that I had regular contact with accountants – almost daily with a Management Accountant (whose job, as I described it, was to protect me from the results of my own stupidity), and very regularly with the CEO and CFO, both of whom were accountants and whose job consisted largely of grilling me and the rest of the board as to where the money was (in the recession it usually wasn’t).  In other words, my knowledge of accounting was almost entirely centred around the monthly P&L, budgeting and trying to them work out how the company could make the numbers add up.

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  • Third Party Survey - what do HMRC’s digital tax changes mean for you?

    On the back of the proposed change to make a large swathe of businesses submit tax returns quarterly rather than annually as at present, one of our clients conducted a survey to investigate this further.  M&S also circulated this survey via our mailing list and, while not statistically significant, the results were interesting, revealing that a lot of people didn’t know much about what was happening.

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  • Now very much an annual event – the M&S Golf Day

    Last year’s M&S golf day at Canmore Golf Club was a rip-roaring success, generating lots of money for the two charities we supported in 2015 and, equally notably, featuring not just one but two holes-in-one.  There was a lot to live up to in 2016…!

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  • Attention all employers!

    If you are not already aware, increases in minimum wage rates are coming into effect tomorrow (1 October 2016).  The Government’s newest rate, the National Living Wage (NLW), which was introduced back in April this year, is the only rate not to increase in this October review.

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  • Making Tax Digital - Are We Any Further Forward?

    On August, 15, HMRC announced the results of the consultation process on their proposals to radically alter the tax system.  The result was; another consultation!   More specifically, they published a further 250 pages of thoughts on Making Tax Digital (on top of the videos, etc. already produced) with the new consultation running to 7 November 2016.

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  • Making Tax Digital - Compulsory Change or Pay The Penalty

    ‘Making Tax Digital’ is a new approach proposed by HMRC to the reporting of business accounts so that the correct tax can be collected.  In essence, rather than the annual requirement to submit a tax return, HMRC now wants a return to be done once a quarter, although the tax due will only be paid annually as at present.  Businesses, of all types will have to use compatible software to keep their records, and they will, in most cases, need to pay for this software.  As awareness of these changes grows, it is starting to cause many business owners some concern.

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  • Making Tax Digital

    Over a month after they expected to issue an update on Making Tax Digital and the changes being considered to the tax system for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in the UK, HMRC has today done so.


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  • Taxable Benefits Reminder

    If you are an employer who has provided taxable benefits during the year ended 5 April 2016 to your employees or directors, then you are likely required to report them on forms P11D and P11D(b). 

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  • Just 2 Days To Go

    With just 2 days to go until the third annual M&S Charity Golf Event, preparations are in full swing!

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  • 1 Week To Go......

    This time next week is the third annual M&S Charity Golf Event in aid of The Fighting Chance Project (Scotland).  We are hopeful that the warm weather of recent days will return in time to enhance what promises to be a great day.

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